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Peel 4 x 4 Club, (Inc) of Western Australia

Code of Ethics

  • Keep to the laws and regulations for 4wd vehicles. They may change from state to state.
  • All vehicles must have either comprehensive or third party fire and theft insurance.
  • Keep the environment clean. Carry your own and maybe other peoples rubbish home.
  • Obey restrictions on use of public lands. Respect national parks and other conservation areas.
  • Obtain permission before driving on private land. Leave livestock alone and gates as found.
  • Keep your vehicle mechanically sound.
  • Take adequate water, food, fuel and spares on trips. In remote areas travel with another vehicle.
  • Respect our wild life. Stop and look but never disturb or chase animals.
  • Respect other recreational users rights to peace and solitude in the bush.
  • Obey all fire restrictions. Extinguish your fire before leaving. Don't let your exhaust emit sparks.
  • Help in bush fire emergencies and search and rescue but only if you are properly equipped and able.
  • Support 4wd touring as a responsible and legitimate recreational activity.
  • All members should behave in a socially acceptable manner at all times.