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Peel 4 x 4 Club, (Inc) of Western Australia

Peel 4x4 By Laws

  • The Trip leader will delegate the position of the Safety/Recovery Officer to another member prior to trip departure.
  • All members and visitors are to follow the Safety Officers instructions at all times.
  • No pets allowed on club trips.
  • Each club member is to be responsible for the safety and whereabouts of their own children.
  • Trip Leader responsibilities and Tail End Charlie role to be read out before each trip.
  • After 2 trips you must have adequate front and rear recovery points fitted to your vehicle adn must have a UHF CB radio.
  • Vehicles without adequate front and rear recovery points are limited to Scenic/Social and Easy rated trips.
  • All trips are to be rated
  • Scenic/Social
  • Easy
  • Medium
  • Hard or Extreme.
  • Visitors are not permitted on hard or extreme trips. Membership of the WA4WD Association is required for attendance of Hard and Extreme trips which is included in the Peel 4x4 membership.
  • A limit of 15 vehicles will apply. Trip leader has the discretion to increase or decrease this number.
  • First in best-dressed, if in excess of 15 vehicles wish to attend a trip, based on prior confirmation.
  • Club bank account to hold a minimum of $1000 balance. A portion of this amount may be used to purchase urgent items at the committee's discretion.
  • Whilst every care is taken, no responsibility is accepted.
  • Visitors must attend at least 2 trips, rated easy and or medium to qualify for membership. Scenic/Social trips will not be counted.